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A special collaboration with our founding faculty at SMU School of Information Systems, this unique sponsorship for the photography of SMU SISS’s Annual METAmorphoSIS 2013 Camp (#metamorphosis2013), has brought us many fond memories of yesteryears as well as seen many new beginnings of great friendships built over the span of the 3D3N camp.

Hosted by a very unique batch of open and creative organizing committee, it was a privilege and joy to work with them as they dare to break boundaries and attempt to help re-create a fundamentally new experience for the freshmen of SIS. Their flexibility and openness to try out new games and invest in a varied stream of collaborations had indeed made our experience at Roberryarts for the camp, one of the most enjoyable and memorable camps we had photographed in the past years. 

We hope that this bundle of memories will have lay a foundation and provide a sanctuary for many exciting bonds to be built upon in future and may the SIS family spirit continue to excite and live within all of us in the boundless years to come! Kudos SISS! 😉

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