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This weekend has been another AWESOME week immersed in the love of the SMUX Camp 2013 family! Though it has been four years since my experience as a freshie, the love shared with me was no doubt unmatched as though I was part of the family all over again.

Many-a-times, these lovely bunch of smileys gave me new inspiration to shoot better photos and capturing the best in others. It is my sincerest of hopes that these captured memories from Roberryarts will continue to live on in years to come, of these beautiful people from the AWESOME 3D2N camp of the SMUX-Extremists family as we had together SKATED, XSEEDED, TREKKED, DIVED, KAYAKED AND LOVED each other! 😉

Part A :
Part B :

In this two-part series, look out for lovely moments, tag and share it with the awesome people around you!

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