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Going into its 7th year of operations, starringSMU has been the signature local community service project (CSP) of the Singapore Management University (SMU), since its inception in 2007. Reputed as the largest CSP year-on-year, starringSMU helps bring together youths of all ages and band together to serve the community at large.

Running on a 8-day camp spread, starringCAMP sets itself as a pivotal point to help new participants to create bonds together and ultimately experience that doing communal contributions can be a ‘fun’ and ‘satisfying’ journey, when done with a group of like-minded people.

Through the various fun-filled team-bonding activities and sharing sessions, starringCAMP’13 has no doubt represented itself as a notable memorable for all related parties involved and we hope that our memories will help bring back and retain these moments in life for the lovely people of the starringSMU family! Kudos! 😉

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