Gatherings // Scarlett’s Baby Shower 2014



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It just seemed a blink away when I last photographed a snapshot of Mason Hweetong Ong and Sharon Yee for their pre-wedding photoshoot. And just a little later, joined as an attendee at one of the best planned guest-centric weddings I’ve ever attended.

And now.. A new welcoming to a new addition into the Ong family. Thank you for inviting us down to join in this simple yet lovely gathering of love and seeing Scarlett for the first time! Looking forward to play a photographic part in the many eventful life events with you all! Cheers! 😉 – #roberryarts #roberryartsstudios #capturefusephotography #gatherings #scarlett #babyshower #2014 #adorable #cute #lovely

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